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Etiquette Coach, Licensed Etiquette Consultant, Image & Style Consultant, Personal Shopper


"Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot"
(Clarence Thomas)

Etiquette Seminars

Business and social life sometimes presents you with situations that make you feel uncomfortable, awkward or stressed - an unfamiliar environment, a new job, going for an interview or attending a formal event, for example. In these circumstances, people remember you by your behaviour. So, making a lasting good impression is essential.

"Politeness wins the trust of princes" (A Chinese proverb)
Whether you are a global player, a board member, an executive assistant, a host or a student, being self-confident and knowing how to conduct yourself are today’s keys ... to your success.

Be convincing:
By choosing the right outfit, by appearing competent and by excellent networking; our social and business etiquette seminars show you how to act confidently.

The professional etiquette consultant, Claudia, leads memorable seminars, which are organized with attention to detail, and takes you through the techniques for dealing with difficult, challenging and unfamiliar situations.

The seminar can be seen as a treat, away from home and work – a chance to learn social skills in a relaxed and prestigious environment - or as a significant contribution to an improvement in your personal and professional life-skills.

International Business Etiquette Seminars
Many companies send their employees to these public seminars (open to both private individuals and company delegates). Other participants prefer to arrange a private seminar, specifically for their company.

The first impression is so critical that it can actually decide your success. From the visual effect of your outfit – through to your whole performance. So, take advantage of this seminar.

International Business Etiquette Seminar programme
The one-day seminar includes lunch in elegant surroundings and finishes with a champagne reception. These stylish events provide an opportunity to practise many of the essential social and business etiquette skills you have acquired during the day:

• Understanding how behaviour affects others
• Socialising elegantly and talking to people from all backgrounds
• International etiquette – avoiding the inappropriate
• Overcoming difficult situations
• Client liaison
• Appearing self-confident and relaxed in business situations and at
• Dressing correctly for business and for private functions, including the
   theatre, for example
• Table etiquette
• Effective use of mobiles (cell phones) and email
• Invitations
• Presenting yourself at interviews

… and other topics.

The seminars are most effective for companies wanting to develop business in new markets and through business relationships, and for individuals who want to accelerate their career development.

For more information, please email or call Claudia.


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