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Etiquette Coach, Licensed Etiquette Consultant, Image & Style Consultant, Personal Shopper



"Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma"
(John Fairchild)

The Gentlemen’s Dress Code
Security is essential in daily business. It is the foundation of all financial transactions. In face-to-face dealings, success depends on how you ‘secure’ look.

How you project a sense of trust and on how your clients ‘see’ you are vitally important. The correct ‘look’ underlines your capacity and your personality. For many, your appearance is crucial.

As your First Class Stylist and as an International Event Manager, I will guide you through a personal analysis, step-by-step, to your optimum appearance. From Casual to Business, I will establish your perfect essential wardrobe.

Success Story
Style is class. Tailor-made to your very personality, I will advise you about style, cut, and colour. Whether a striking sports jacket, a stylish business outfit or an elegant dinner jacket, together we will design your individual ‘look’. Your self-esteem and your-self confidence will be emphasised and you will show yourself to your best advantage.

Time is Money. Set the priorities. Hire me as your Personal Shopper. While you are devoting yourself to your daily business, I will be making your style deals.

Style and Perfection
I can make your next business meeting, any event with your clients or an invitation by your employer more effective and successful.

Vouchers are available too, so you can give sessions to your clients and associates.

For more information, please email or call Claudia.


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